I recently visited Pergola On The Roof in Shepherd’s Bush – right opposite Westfield London. I’ve been locked up indoors writing my PhD thesis, and haven’t seen sunlight in weeks! A friend suggested hanging out at Pergola On The Roof, and even though I’ve been feeling very antisocial, I just could not refuse the offer. The last time I went to POTR was around October 2016 – sounds like ages ago but really feels like it was just yesterday. It was much colder, wet, dark and not really rooftop weather – but I loved the concept of the open floor dining, and the really laid back feel to the whole pop-up.

London is never short of wonderful ideas, and smart pop-ups like this. Their mission is to take unloved and unused spaces and turn them into unique, big and beautiful outdoor destinations. And they certainly did! The latest look is slightly different to the previous makeover, more of a summery beachy and gives off overall California/LA vibes. Stepping into the space, one automatically feels as if they’ve left the hustle and bustle of London, and have been transported to a beach on the West Coast of America.

PSA: DO NOT WEAR HEELS! It was entertaining to see women stumbling around on the pebbles with their heels digging in. I definitely wouldn’t want to be someone with new heels, scraping the heel against sharp pebbles. Flat shoes is advisable.

Overall, the food was great. There are a number of different restaurant kiosks that are all self service, and a drinks bar in the centre. I can’t describe it better than just saying it’s a really nice place to come with friends, on a date, or with family, for an occasion, or even just to grab a drink and have a chat!

Oh, and did I forget to mention, there’s a new location opening up on the 24th in Paddington Central – definitely on my list of places to go (post-thesis).



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