My cousin from Melbourne is currently in London for a three-week vacation, and where better to take her than to see the iconic London Bridge and Tower Bridge area. I’ve been here many times as I studied in King’s College London for my undergraduate which is at the doorstep of London Bridge. We took an evening stroll across the River Thames, passing both bridges.

We came out of London Bridge station and went to eat dinner at Vapiano (close to Waterloo). We walked past the Shard and past King’s College London, Guy’s campus. The tip of the Shard appeared to represent the Italian flag – not sure why!?

Walking across the Thames on the London Bridge side, we were able to capture this amazing view of the new builds that now form the London skyline; namely, the cheese-grater, the gherkin and the walkie-talkie (creative names, I know)! This view, I find, really sums up London and is even more beautiful in the summer heat.


 Tower Bridge sometimes opens to allow for ships to sail by – if you’re lucky enough to be present during the opening, it’s pretty beautiful. City Hall is also nearby, along with a number of bars and restaurants. At the moment, in the festive spirit, there are a few pop-up stalls and some live music that can be enjoyed in the evening. I would definitely recommend a casual stroll across this area.


As we walked towards London Bridge from Tower Bridge, we noticed this beautiful entrance to a few shops and offices. London Bridge is pretty disappointing in comparison to the beauty of Tower Bridge. Never-the-less, it does have changing light colours and most people from abroad immediately begin singing the ‘London Bridge is falling down’ song, which is always entertaining.


This area in particular, brings back a plethora of memories from my undergraduate days; definitely top of my list for beautiful places in London.

Is there anything else around this area that could be of interest?

– A Y –


  • You from Australia? 🙂
    Oh how I miss OZ, it’s been a long, long time since I visited this beautiful country full of cute flurry animals! 🙂

    You should have taken your cousin up Tower Bridge.
    Do you have Tesco Clubcard? They have this “x 4” clubcard point deal, so you can visit it for “free”.
    What’s more? Add another £1 at Tower Bridge, that will allow you to climb up the Monument too!
    It’s a very good deal.

    Oh, I used to go to Vapiano a lot! But when they stopped taking Tastecard anymore, and I rarely go there these days.

    • No, I’m from London but my cousin visited from Australia – Melbourne. Yes, I do have a clubcard! I didn’t know about the possibility to do that – how amazing. I learn something new about London every day, so great. Thank you so much.

      Haha, I go to restaurants much more now, maybe I should get a taste card!

  • I absolutely in love with food blogs. I’m a foodie at heart but being the mother of two small boys, it’s not always easy to keep up with fancy dinners… so I rely on the support of other blogging moms like me to help along the way.

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