I’ve just come back from a few days spent in New York City! Super exciting, I know! It was my first time in the United States of America, and what better place to break the American ice, but to visit NYC. I will subsequently be publishing a few posts detailing various places that I visited and food that I would highly recommend. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of places to go and things to see that are completely FREE – aka, ZERO pounds, pence, dollars, cents… Read on to undercover the gems of NYC!

1. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens – free all day Tuesdays

Highly recommend! 5* – absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. A perfect place to get away from the buzz of Manhattan. Also, free WiFi throughout the park – a mega-bonus.

2. New York Botanic Garden – free all day Wednesdays

3. NYC Aquarium – free after 3pm on Fridays

4. Staten Island Ferry 

This journey is about 25 minutes and is a beautiful alternative to the costly ferries. If you get to the top deck of the ferry, it really does feel like a cruise (albeit a completely free one)! Ferries depart every 30 mins, so plan accordingly.

5. The New York Public Library – self-guided audio tour

This was something I stumbled upon whilst visiting the library. At the information desk (left of the main entrance), you can pick up a handset that guides you around the library and gives short 1/2 minute synopsis of the particular room or area that you have been led to. This was one of the highlights of my trip to NYC – fun for kids and adults alike.

6. Public Boathouse Kayaking

Head over to the downtown boathouse to grab a kayak for 20 mins. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to do this as it runs only until mid-October – definitely a must for next time!

7. Central Park

Of course a park would be free but the number of entertainers there leave you joyous and elated as if you just watched a show! Here, anything from break dancers, small dance shows, singers, magicians and many others can be stumbled upon whilst strolling through this beautiful (and huge) park!

8. Museum of Modern Art – free 4-8pm on Fridays

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are MANY more things that can be done in NYC without breaking the bank! I would highly recommend planning to visit museums and other attractions on days that are free of charge. Money saved can be spent shopping (of course this money was always going to be spent haha). As I mentioned earlier, keep your eyes peeled for my more in depth blog series of my trip to NYC!

Are there any other activities that can be accessed for free in NYC? Let us know 🙂

-A Y-


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