I consider myself a tourist even in my own city, London. I try to regularly adventure through parks, taste new restaurants and meet new people at group meet-ups. I recently found out about the Sky Garden at the top of the (relatively) new Walkie Talkie building. The Sky Garden is free to visit with prior booking. Once inside, there isn’t a time limit and we were free to purchase drinks/ snacks and to sit down and wander around for as long as we wished. We chose 3pm as our entry time to allow us an experience of both the day and night (sunset is now 4pm)!

The Sky Garden was fairly busy (due to the festive time of year) but numbers were controlled due to the requirement of a previous booking. I wouldn’t really call this a ‘garden’, there were a few pots of plants here and there, and it DEFINITELY did not feel garden-like. Never-the-less, it was a pretty location and the view is equal, if not better, than that from the London Eye. The Darwin restaurant has an amazing breakfast/ brunch menu as well as dinner.

Unfortunately, London isn’t one to boast amazing sunsets and so the sunset on this day was pretty disappointing 🙁 The skies went from light/dull to dark with not much of an in between. On a positive note, London at night is very pretty and definitely a sight not to miss!

After we left the Sky Garden, we walked to Liverpool Street’s Spitalfields and grabbed ourselves Lola’s cupcakes – YUM – my mouth is salivating from the thought (my cells are also shuddering with the thought of the sugar overdose!)

Definitely recommend!!

– A Y –


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