To celebrate my graduation (and marriage), my siblings surprised me with a HeliAir Helicopter fight over London (link here). They told me to keep that weekend available, so I knew they were planning something; a helicopter ride over London was the LAST thing on my mind. We were driving for over an hour towards the (for me) unknown destination. I was told to dress comfortable and warm. So I did. The weekend before, I purchased a hat and gloves – yes, I do not otherwise own these cumbersome items. Anyway, as we approached the helicopter base, I started to get clues and as we drove into the carpark it hit me! I was going to fly inside a helicopter. To cut a long story short, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe the kindness of my siblings.

We were first briefed by the pilot, told all the safety information and we were ready to go! We walked towards the field and there it was, a small helicopter, ready to embark the London skies – with ME INSIDE – ahh! Our pilot was super friendly, chatty and took away all the nerves that were starting to impale my stomach. We really couldn’t have asked for a more professional pilot and tour guide.

The tour took about 60 mins from take off to landing. We flew right over central London, passing The Shard, Tower Bridge and Wembley Stadium within meters away. It was an absolute surreal experience, something I would love to do again, and one I am eternally grateful for. We followed the twists and turns of the River Thames, and our pilot clearly pointed out all the interesting London sights from the moment we took off. When we approached central London, it seemed as though time absolutely flew as I was sat in the helicopter. I was busy taking in the sights, taking photos and exclaiming every time I recognised a building.

I was able to find Winter Wonderland from the skies. Hyde Park looked glorious, and the River Thames looked as grimy as ever. I also managed to pass a live football match somewhere in West London, definitely a highlight.

Here are some photos below that I managed to take. As I mentioned above, my hands were tied taking photos and identified buildings that my normal photography took a plummet.

I could not thank HeliAir more for their hospitality, professionalism and the overall relaxing flight experience. If I get the chance to do this again, you better believe i’ll be there! Overall it was an excellent experience and a brilliant gift for the experience of a lifetime and one I would definitely recommend.

Again, thank you to my siblings for their generosity and for knowing EXACTLY what I’d love!

Have you ever flown in a helicopter above a city? What was your experience like?

– A Y –

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