£ — 8.5/10

The first time I was introduced to Hare & Tortoise was a few years ago whilst spontaneously deciding where to go for dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, but then I forgot about it. More recently, I was looking through old photos and found one from my previous visit to Hare & Tortoise. It jogged my memory. I remember! And then I caught a craving. The next opportunity I had to organise dinner, I planned for Hare & Tortoise.

Hare & Tortoise is a Japanese restaurant, serving authentic cuisine made in their kitchens. There are a few branches around London however it doesn’t have a chain-like feel, on the contrary, it feels like a family-run restaurant. The menu is extensive, serving Halal chicken. The week prior, Mohamed had attempted (and succeeded) to make a delicious chicken katsu curry at home. I had not heard of chicken katsu before but after tasting it, I was hooked! Of course, I had to order it at Hare & Tortoise to see how it would taste from an authentic restaurant.

Service was very quick and the restaurant is large enough to feel confident walking in for a table without booking. Mohamed ordered a curry with rice and I ordered a chicken katsu. My favourite part of chicken katsu is the crispy coat of the breaded chicken covered with the sweet sauce. The meal was delicious and tasted just like I remember it.

I would definitely recommend Hare & Tortoise for anyone looking for a nice sit down dinner or late lunch. It is an overall nice restaurant and not too over priced so one could definitely plan a celebration or nice meal here.

Let me know if there are any other Japanese restaurant recommendations that I should try next!

– A Y –

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