We’ve heard it all before – $1 tickets to travel with Megabus! Attractive as it sounds, how many people do you know who have actually booked a journey at this near-to-nothing price? Until this point, it was probably none! Somehow, I managed to bag myself a $1 Megabus ticket! 

I have used Megabus to travel from Montreal to Toronto. It was a very pleasant journey (well, if 6 hours sitting in a upright seat is your kind of thing). Surprisingly, the time flew and although we travelled mostly via motorway, there were some beautiful sights that I managed to appreciate along the way. I’m that person that plans everything ADVANCE, I’m that person that you can count on to have chewing gum or a packet of tissues.

A few weeks ago, as I was thinking of what I wanted to do when I next visited Toronto, I thought to re-visit Niagara Falls. The last time I had visited Niagara Falls was in 2007, and so I thought I was well overdue a trip. I began a casual search for prices and duration between downtown Toronto and Niagara Falls. As I was bouncing from date to date, I saw the price of $1! Initially, I thought it said $10 but as soon as I saw $1 I JUST HAD to book it. Both the journey to and from Toronto was $1 each at times that were very convenient (mid-morning departure and late evening return). The journey is only 1 hour and a half. 

I then proceeded to book my journey for a total of $2! After booking (bear in mind, until this point everything was being done by reflex action), I realised that I’d only booked one ticket and would be spending the day alone in Niagara Falls. I then quickly called my friends and cousins in Toronto to ask if they would be free that day (expecting everyone to have detailed plan for late October, of course). I figured that I’d buy the ticket anyone seeing as it was only $2. Guess what, there were no more $1 tickets! The next price up was $15 each way! I had made a saving of at least $28 – SCORE.

The caveat? I mean, there must be a caveat!

I’ll be travelling there in 2 months!

I told you I’m an advanced planner – it has it’s advantages 🙂

So how does it work?

Megabus can advertise $1 tickets considering they have tickets that can be purchased at that price. After those tickets are taken (to the person who purchases early enough), the next cheapest price becomes available. Once tickets at that price have been purchased, a slightly more expensive price becomes available. Hence, the later you book, the more expensive tickets are available. This scheme also works for airlines and train tickets.

(Oh did I mention that the booking fee ended up being almost the same as the ticket price! Still a bargain though)

Let me know if you’ve ever managed to snag yourself a cheap journey, and how you managed to do it!

-A Y-


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