As a generation, we consume much efforts to take photographs of things that attract us, to then post them online on social media sites, be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I, for one, really enjoy taking photographs, and although I’m not an expert, I’d like to think that I can capture a decent image. Thing is, many people just CAN’T! For those who wish to become professional photographers, there are remote online courses or even part time college courses that one could subscribe to.

Here are 5 very simple tips that I have learnt along the way and have led to enhanced photo taking skills.

1. Get a decent camera 

I recently purchased a Canon G7X and highly recommend it. Having said that, the best camera is the one that is always in your pocket aka your phone. Most phones these days comes with a good camera with flash and can be used to take good photos. From experience of owning a DSLR, more times than not, I didn’t take it out as I didn’t want to carry it around all day. There’s no need to invest in expensive cameras, the one in your pocket will suffice.

2. Symmetry is key!

Always remember to centralise the focal building/person/object that you wish to capture. A good photograph has the correct fame showing all that you wish to show. A symmetrical picture is pretty to look at and easy on the eye.

3. Capture movement

Try to tell a story through the photograph by capturing movement, be it a flying bird or a moving car. When a still photograph can tell a story that a moving video would tell, that’s a good photo!

4. Don’t use flash during the day

Flash doesn’t always have the desired effect of brightening up a picture, especially in certain light conditions. If a picture is too dark, just FORGET it! You’ll end up with a photo featuring lots of red-eye and weird colours.

5. Try to take ‘natural’ photos

I always find that the best photos of me are the ones when I wasn’t aware the photo was being taken. Capturing a person in their natural environment makes for nicer and original photos!

Hope these tips will help you take better pictures. Remember that practice makes perfect, but there’s no perfection when it comes to photography.

– A Y –


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