When speaking to anyone from Montreal, they are quick to ask if I’ve visited Old Montreal (vieux-Montreal). I was told that it has a very European feel and is a pretty place to visit. It has been on my to-go list for a long time, and so I finally managed to check it out! It is located downtown, and very easy to access via a number of Metro stations.

Once getting to the Old Montreal area, I completely understood where the parallels of a ‘European’ city originated from. The cobble-lined streets, small cafes outside and red-brick buildings definitely reminded me of my trips to Italy, France and Spain. It felt like a city a distance away from Montreal.

I also walked across to the Old Port and admired the view of the city from ground level. It really was a glorious day (*British person talks about the weather again*) and an amazing day to explore the Old Port. There is also a theme park on the other side of the Old Port, visible from the Old Port; seemed like an exciting place to spend the day with family or friends!

After exploring Old Montreal, it was late afternoon and I really wanted to get to the Island (Ile Sainte-Helene). It was extremely convenient that access to the island was possibly one metro stop from Old Montreal! I briefly explored Parc Jean-Drapeau and was able to get into the Biosphere before it closed! Although the last tour had passed, we were able to get in and take a quick look around the main opening area. I will re-visit this site as I would really like to take a good look around! Keep your eyes peeled for the blog post 🙂

Overall, I would recommend visiting Old Montreal for anyone visiting Montreal! It has such an amazing atmosphere and feel and probably my top 3 things to do in Montreal.

Have you ever been to Old Montreal or the Old Port? Does it remind you of Europe? 

-A Y-

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