I’ve had my eye on the Saatchi Gallery for a while, but I had never visited as usually galleries/ museums close at 6pm. After a long day looking at cells through a microscope, the last thing I want to do is look at ANYTHING else.

Last weekend, I went to a photographers meet-up at the Atlas Gallery in Marylebone. There was an piece in the Time Out magazine advertising the ‘Fashion Show’ exhibition that highlights fashion photography over the past six decades. When I arrived, I was slightly taken aback by how small the Atlas Gallery was – the words Fashion Show suggested an actual show. It seemed a bit like an open-house gallery as the paintings were for listed and for sale.

As I didn’t want to return home after 30 mins out, I remembered that the Saatchi Gallery is not too far away from the Atlas Gallery. The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea is different to any others that I had been to in the past. It sort of leaves you to your own imagination, and the pieces in the Gallery have no explanation or meaning at first sight. Although at first I found this a bit bizarre, as I am used to reading the legends when I need more information, it was interesting to see the different ways that people interpret art.

I first thought that the images of the elderly ladies were photographs, but in actual fact they were charcoal drawings – I found this immensely impressive and beautiful. The images took up a whole wall, ceiling to floor. I found it even more interesting that there were two people who have appeared to die on a hospital bed in the same room as the painting of the elderly women.

I’d definitely recommend visiting the Saatchi Gallery and look forward to going there again in a few months when there is a change in pieces on display.

Outside the Saatchi Gallery, there seemed to be a food market of a variety of stalls such as oysters, curries, and cheese. In particular, I enjoyed sampling Green Lady sparkling green tea – an absolutely scrumptious drink with an inspirational background story!



Have you ever visited the Saatchi Galley? Are there any other galleries that you could recommend visiting in London?

– A Y –


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