Camden Town (Camden) is most certainly a must-visit for anyone visiting or living in London. Although one may not think of it as an ‘attraction’, Camden is most certainly an extremely popular area with everything from vintage clothes to Ethiopian coffee and much more. I’ve always found Camden to be buzzing with people and the atmosphere is constantly alive regardless of the day or time of year. The prices at the markets are really a steal and I have found that the quality of items here are also great. Camden is one of those places, that when trying to find a gift for someone, is an almost safe bet that you will most definitely stumble across something worth purchasing.

Camden is only one tube stop away from Euston making it a great location to travel to. The Camden Locks are very pretty and during the summer months, a ton of people flock to relax by the lock. Just behind the Locks can be found an area dense with a variety of food stalls and food markets selling (I think) almost all types of foods and beverages that ones heart may desire. The only downside is that there isn’t much (if any) seating space, making it a bit difficult to eat – unless of course you’re at one with eating whilst standing up in the motion walking and watching for other people walking into your personal space – BASICALLY… I can’t do it 🙂

After walking through the food market, we came across the clothes market and the ‘Stables’ where a massive variety of items can be purchased (vintage mirrors, loved books and babygros with ‘London’ engraved across them). It’s very easy to get lost in Camden, I have been here many times before and so I can easily navigate through it – the first time, however, I was going around in circles for ages.

I do really like Camden, it’s definitely somewhere cool to come for a cheeky lunch or spot of shopping.

Are there any other cool spots in London similar to Camden?

-A Y-


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