Geneva is one of those places that are spectacularly beautiful, preserving its culture, language and style within a relatively small city – known as the ‘smallest of big cities’. Geneva is one of the French speaking regions of Switzerland, and the second-largest United Nations Office of the UN. I recently visited Geneva for four days with my brother and cousin. This is my second time visiting Geneva, the last time being September 2013.

I will be breaking up this trip into two parts, as I managed to squeeze a lot in such a short space of time.

We were staying with some family in the lovely are of Carouge. On the first day, we took a little walk around the area and caught the bus into the city centre. The street cars are electrically powered and environmentally friendly – maybe something we could do with to reduce pollution in London (?) They do look extremely elegant and classy also! We visited Manor, a large department store, containing everything from a market-like restaurant upstairs to shoes, clothes and home ware. I bought some (lots) of chocolate for friends and family – Swiss chocolate really is the BEST!

We then took a walk around the Geneva Lake and sadly for us, the Jet D’Eau was not on due it being the winter months. It was pretty chilly and we were numb in the fingers and toes, but us Londoners don’t let a little bit of frost faze us. In this area, there was also a funfair with a farmers market installation that sold everything from cheese to churros – yummy yummy. We had to jump on a roller coaster of course (although it was full of teenagers). It was one of those roller-coasters that went round in a circle and crushed the ribs of anyone on the inside of the seat – my brother unfortunately.

Of course, we had to see L’horloge fleurie (flower clock) located at the Jardin Anglais. It was created as a symbol to watchmakers and dedication to nature in 1955. We then walked around the garden, but again, due to the winter season, all fountains and water-containing installations were turned off. I have seen these before in the summer, and they are absolutely stunning – Geneva definitely shines more in the sun than with overcast clouds.

With a day travel card, one is also able to take a free ferry that transports from one side of the Lake to the other (about a 3/4 min journey). We did not plan this at all, and just happened to see the boat when we needed to get to the other side – you can also simply walk around if you wish.

Have you been to Geneva? Wouldn’t you agree in saying that summer is more beautiful than winter in Geneva? Stay tuned for Part 2!

– A Y –


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