The third and fourth day in Geneva were disappointing in terms of the weather! It had begun so great with the sun, but this soon became extremely cold thick FOG. It was hard to see just a few meters ahead of you – and I thought the fog in London was bad!

Here is my Part Two of my couple of days in Geneva – see Part One to see what I got up to for the first two days.

On Sundays, not much is open in Geneva, so we decided to save the outdoor sights for the Sunday. First, a visit to the United Nations Office was absolutely necessary, considering Geneva’s stance in the UN. Opposite the UN building stands a ‘broken chair’ meant as an appeal from the humanitarian organisation Handicap International of the signing for the banning of landmines. Its dignity is meant to represent those that were affected by landmine work and injury.

We then visited the Mosque of Geneva, which is not too far from the UN office. I have already seen this Mosque when I last visited Geneva and was blown away by its architecture and beauty, and so I absolutely HAD to come again. It’s sort of a combination of a religious prayer space and cultural space allowing for other educational/ social activities. The building is reminiscent of something from North Africa or the Middle East, and was quite nice to see (despite the thick fog).

In passing, we had seen this park (Le Parc des Bastions) with large chess and checkers boards, and promised to return. After lunch, we managed to come back to the park and played a few games of checkers. In warmer weather, I’d be inclined to bring along a picnic and spend some time people-watching (I mean lets not lie, we all do it). There is also a University campus located in the park, from which I was able to use my university eduroam wi-fi – this made me extremely pleased. The things that please us in the first world, eh?

Somewhere I hadn’t visited before is the Old Town of Geneva. It literally is a maze of cobble-stones streets with restaurants, cafes and historical sights. We also entered St. Peter’s Cathedral which was mesmerising in its serenity and architecture. We also had a stroll downtown, but we didn’t go shopping as it was only a short time we had gone for, and the shops are most definitely much more expensive than in London; I mean, that really does say something!

On the day of departure, we managed to sneak an hour of adventure in! Behind my aunties house, just a 10 min walk, is Lake Geneva. Five minutes after climbing up some forest stairs, we saw this clearing and a river. The excitement literally went through my skeletal, circulatory and nervous systems. I desperately wanted to see Lake Geneva but it had looked like time constraints wouldn’t have allowed it. But luckily, we randomly happened to find it.

We flew Swiss Air back to City Airport – a smooth, quick journey that flew low the whole way across. Would definitely recommend Swiss Air!


Did you enjoy my two part Geneva summary? Are there any other places we missed out on? 

– A Y –


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