After spending 4 studious days in Heidelberg for the Biology conference, Malti and I decided to spend a couple of days in Frankfurt. We decided to stay at Frankfurt Hostel; this was the first time for me staying at a hostel, and I must admit, I was a tiny bit hesitant. I’ve always heard such negative things about hostels, regarding cleanliness and safety. But, we read some reviews online and considering Frankfurt Hostel cost about 3 times less than a hotel in the same central area, it seemed like an obvious choice.

We booked two beds in a 6 bed female-only room, and it was very pleasant, spacious and clean. This hostel was also an ideal environment for meeting fellow travellers, as there was a common room with music, food and drinks. I would highly recommend this hostel for anyone planning on visiting Frankfurt on a budget.

One of my best highlights of my trip to Germany was watching the sun set whilst sitting on a bridge in Frankfurt. Upon arriving at our hostel, we were recommended to sit on one of the bridges along the river and watch the sun set. It was honestly such a magical experience, and something that I wish I could do every day.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this beautiful Muslim prayer room in Frankfurt Airport. Not only was there a Muslim prayer room, but also a Jewish, Christian prayer room and Yoga room! Kudos to Frankfurt for providing such a welcomed facility for travellers in the airport.

– A Y –

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