For the last trip abroad in 2016, I found myself heading to Germany! I’ve just made it sound like I randomly hopped onto a plane and voila, Germany. Actually, it was quite the contrary, I had been planning this trip for at least 6 months, as it was a work related trip to attend an annual conference closely related to the work I currently do in the lab. This biology conference was all about the small protein that I study, involved in a plethora of processes, including movement, cell division and other cell shape changes.

As I have entered the final year of my PhD studies, this conference was a great way to gather all the work I had recently completed and present it to others in the field. Conferences are great ways to discover the latest research, form international collaborations, and receive feedback from others.

Malti (a friend and fellow PhD student in my lab) and I flew from London Heathrow to Stuttgart Airport, as there is no airport in Heidelberg. We spent a day in Stuttgart before catching the intercity train to Heidelberg. There wasn’t much to do in Stuttgart; it didn’t seem like a tourist orientated city.

For our stay in Heidelberg, we booked a double room at the Denner Hotel. Location-wise, this hotel was amazing, located in a busy street, close to the main ‘central’ area of Heidelberg, and within walking distance from main transport routes. The downside was the WiFi connection. Our room was on the second floor, and at the end of the corridor. As soon as you enter the corridor, the WiFi connection is lost and is little bit frustrating, especially if you want to figure out locations of places to sightsee etc.

One of the locals that we met highly recommended walking up Philosopher’s Way. We were intrigued to find out It was a slight trek uphill, but nothing too strenuous. Once you reach the top, the view of Heidelberg is absolutely DEVINE! A must for anyone visiting Heidelberg. Best directions to Philosopher’s Way :

  1. From Bismarckplatz, cross over the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke bridge
  2. Follow the road until the road crosses Brückenkopfstrasse
  3. Turn right on Brückenkopfstrasse
  4. Turn left on Bergstrasse
  5. Take a right onto PhilosophenwegKeep walking uphill and you will see the view. This route avoids using the spiralling steps, that you can use on your way down instead.

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