One would think that two weeks in Ethiopia would suffice, but when you have family members all over Harar, even a month seems too short. Be sure to read Part One to see the first part of my trip, and keep reading to hear about the rest!

Harar has the greatest number of mosques per square meter. When I heard this fact, I thought nah, it can’t be! But when you actually visit, and hear the call to prayer echoing from mosques on every street corner, it’s easier to believe that this is true. Most streets within the old city of Harar have a mosque / place of prayer. The white and green mosque below is the first built mosque in Harar. It has recently been refurbished, but it is a very small mosque with a green interior.

This narrow pathway is known as the ‘street of reconciliation’. This pathway is so narrow that one one person is able to pass through at any one given time. When two people had a feud, they would pass through here from either side, meaning that one person would have to compromise, and they would both have to communicate, putting their differences aside. It is hoped that this will lead to them befriending each other and getting over their argument.

The house below is that belonging to my grandfather-in law. Him and his wife have managed to preserve the tradition of hanging plates on the walls in abundance. Most people in Harar now hang about 1/4 of the number of plates seen hanging here. Quite an impressive collection if you ask me!

The journey from Harar to Dire Dawa airport takes about 1 hour and snakes around the mountains. The view is pretty impressive, especially featuring the blue skies and green grass! I’ve never taken this route before, I usually fly into Addis Ababa and travel by bus/mini van to Harar.

I can’t put into words just how enjoyable this holiday was, and how much of a getaway Harar serves as. It’s really easy to get overcome by e-mails, deadlines, timings, and other pressures that we put upon ourselves. Travelling to Harar makes all these social pressures seem irrelevant and helps to offload. Can’t wait to visit again very soon! I also plan on visiting some other cities in Ethiopia, like Addis Ababa as I didn’t have time during this trip.

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