My resolution for 2017 is to travel to new places, and what else but travel more have I been doing! I was able to free up 4 days at the end of the week, so decided to travel to the North of Italy. I came across £25 return flights to Milan so decided to go ahead and book them!

I didn’t want to stay in Milan for all 4 days, so took a look around the region and planned a 4 day adventure through 4 cities. The first is Milan. I then visited Venice, Florence, and Bologna – keep an eye out for further posts detailing my trip. I only had 4 hours in Milan, and so managed to squeeze in the main landmarks and sights within that time. There really isn’t much to do/see in Milan, so a few hours is definitely enough to see everything.

1. Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) 

The Duomo is the fifth largest Christian church in the world. The cathedral boasts the most impressive structure in Milan, and has been standing for over 600 years. The cathedral was beautiful to see and capture, but it was of-putting to be constantly harassed by people trying to sell instant photographs or seeds to feed the pigeons with.

2. Sforza Castle

Castello Sforzesco is a surprising monument sheltering several specialised museums and traces of the city’s past. It’s an absolute oasis of art and culture. The grounds of the castle are huge and it’s easy to get lost once inside.

We didn’t enter the paid area of the castle due to time restraints, but there is lots to see without entering the museum of the castle.

3. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Galleria, a place of transit for busy managers or a stop for enchanted and curious tourists, expresses the various faces of the city through its many sides. As beautiful as it is, this shopping centre is full of designer shops such as LV and Prada, making it more of a tourist viewing spot than a retail store.

4. Royal Palace of Milan

The Royal Palace of Milan was the seat of government of the Italian city of Milan for many centuries, but today is an important cultural centre, home to expositions and exhibitions. This is right next to the Cathedral; in fact, most of the sights are very close-by each other.

Is there anything that I’ve missed? Any other places that you’d recommend to see in Milan?

– A Y –

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