All throughout the Easter break, I stayed in University to complete some work in a quiet environment. Because of this, I instead took a long weekend off at the end of the holidays. I travelled to York and the Lake District for a relaxing few days in the North of the UK. I have never been to York before and was pleasantly surprised by this old but beautiful city.

York City has been walled since the Romans were around and a lot of this wall still exists to this day. There are distinct gates (as below) where it is clear where the walls were. It is also possible to walk along the wall around the city.

The biggest attraction by far is to see York Minister. This iconic gothic-style Cathedral is one of the biggest of its kind in North Europe. It is possible to enter with a fee, however, as we didn’t have much time in the day and a list of things to-do, we didn’t enter and just admired from the outside. We also visited the Church library which is now part of the University of York. This library is the largest of its kind in the UK and had an extremely impressive collection of old books.

After this, we walked through the city centre and through the Shambles. The Shambles in an old street in York that has overhanging timber frames, some dating as far back as the fourteenth century! It was really this street that made me feel that I was in York as this was exactly as I imagined.

After eating our packed lunch, we visited the National Railway Museum. This Museum tells the story of rail transport in Britain and exhibits the way that trains have changed over the years. It is free to enter and was one of my favourite things in York! It was so fascinating to see carriages that were used by the upper echelons of society and to try and picture the time when those were of use.

The last stop of course was York Castle. We left literally 15 mins to visit the Castle and so we didn’t have time to enter and explore, but it was nice to see it and climb up the stairs to the top.

Overall, York is a great relaxing day out. With better weather, it would have been an ideal day out!

Have you visited York? Is there anything I’ve missed out?

– A Y –

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