After noticing the opening of a new takeaway, I Go Chop, in Hackney, I needed to try it ASAP! For one Iftar (breaking fast) meal, I decided to pick up a few items from the menu from them. The meat is halal and there is quite a wide selection of items on the menu. There are no seats inside the store, however, it does have a great look and if bigger could definitely be quite a nice restaurant.

I Go Chop serves Nigerian cuisine and has been rated quite highly by other food critics. I decided to go for the fried fish, plantain, beans and jollof rice. Annoyingly, none of the main toppings were available except cow’s foot and a turkey plantain dish. Neither was what we wanted but because there was only 20 minutes left until Iftar, we just went for whatever was available. Customer service was great and we got the meal quite quickly.

The jollof rice, plantain and beans (all sides) were delicious but the cow’s foot was simply fat over bones and the turkey plantain was also mediocre. Considering I Go Chop closed at 11pm and we went at 8.30pm, it was surprising that nothing was available.

Overall, I Go Chop had great potential and I was really looking forward to having a great meal after fasting all day, but unfortunately we were slightly disappointed.

– A Y –

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