As soon as I booked Fès, I had to find out how far the ‘Blue City’ was and if it was close enough to plan an excursion there. Google Maps said a 3 hour drive.


Day trip it would be. I browsed the Internet for the best ways to get to Chefchaouen from Fès. I couldn’t find anything really helpful, so I thought let’s just ask when we get to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, we mentioned that we did plan on visiting Chefchaouen for the day. We were told that we could book a day trip whenever we wished. We decided to go on the Friday, the day after arriving. We also chose to have an English speaking driver, to be sure that we could have conversations with him/her. It was nice that we had a large car and lots of space to stretch and sit comfortably.

At 8am on Friday, we had breakfast in the hotel, and set off at 8.30am. After a LONG drive, we arrived in Chefchaouen just after midday. We first stopped at a Mosque to join the Friday prayers. After this, our guide told us that he couldn’t come with us inside the city as it isn’t allowed for guides to take visitors around and he could be arrested/fined for doing so. He told us to meet him back at the same spot in a few hours.

Thing about Chefchaouen is, it’s very picturesque BUT there isn’t much to DO. At first, we were immersed into every blue street, but after the 234th blue street, it does get quite repetitive. We visited a factory with a whole range of different carpets, which was amazing as they were all hand made and embroidered.

We learnt a lot about the history of Chefchaouen and the heavy Spanish influence due to the proximity of the Northern part of Morocco to Spain. We also visited the Al-Kasaba tower from where we had an AMAZING view of the main city.

We returned to meet with our guide at about 5pm and drove back to Fès. It was an extremely long day on the road, but I wouldn’t want to spend more than a day in Chefchaouen. For anyone visiting Fès, I would highly recommend excursions to Chefchaouen and other surrounding cities if you have the time.

– A Y –

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  • Therie

    Chefchaouen is mesmerizing! It’s gotta be one of the most photogenic places ever, also the stray cats on the alleys make it even better!

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