I’m not huge on New Years Resolutions, but one thing I definitely think about is where I would *love* to travel to in the coming year. Here is my list of the countries (and cities) that I would love to be able to visit during 2017. At the end of 2017, let’s see how many countries I managed to step foot into. I have a few months of student life flexibility left and really want to maximise on the opportunity of travelling (whilst writing my thesis of course)!


Anyone who knows me knows how much I’ve been banging on about Santorini ever since a friend visited two years ago. After seeing all her photos and her raving positive reviews, I did some research and came to the conclusion that Santorini is my next go to. Santorini is an island featuring the infamous whitewashed cubiform houses. Not only is Santorini breathtakingly gorgeous, it also hold a deep history based on its formation from a volcanic eruption in 1660BC. I have heard that it can get extremely busy in the summer, so I personally would try to travel during the late Spring or early Autumn season.



Now this one is a bit weird, I don’t really have a specific reason why I want to travel to Portugal. I did have a colleague in the lab at Imperial College who was an MD from Portugal studying for a PhD. She would always infuse my mind with information about Portugal. I guess it was her who first introduced me to the beauty of Portugal.

I would love to visit Lisbon, Coimbra (see below: The Joanina Library), Porto, Sintra, Aveiro, Algrave and Fatima for their food, beaches, music and history.


Pena National Palace, Portugal


In 2014, I visited Rome with my sister and brother. We had such a great experience with the overly generous and happy people in Italy that I always said I would return. For this year, I’m planning some travel to Venice and Florence for a few days early in 2017. Italy exudes romance, history, fashion and beauty.



Last summer, my sister travelled to the South of Spain for a week and explored the cities of Granada, Malaga, Seville and Cordoba. She had an amazing time there, inspiring my future trip to Spain. Islam was a widespread region in Spain (and Portugal) for many centuries. There are many ancient structres that depict the presence of Islam in the previous times. There is a mosque (Al Hambra) in Granada, and a  Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba.



I don’t know if a ‘dream’ location can be somewhere that you have already visited. BUT, I would love to re-visit Melbourne again to see all my family and friends that I have there. This time I would also love to visit Sydney and the Gold Coast. Australia would have to be a winter trip (December 2017), as their seasons are opposite and so it would be summer for them! I love Melbourne for its beaches, laid back attitude and the cheerful nature of the inhabitants.



Thailand has always been on my list, but as it is quite far, requires more time off from uni. I don’t think I’ll be going in 2017 due to time constraints and so I haven’t done much research on where I would visit. There is somewhere that I am absolutely amazed by and HAVE to visit – The Grand Palace in Bangkok!



My friend recently suggested visiting Oman in the summer for Eid-ul-Fitr in June. I had never considered Oman as a place to visit for a holiday, but after speaking to a few friends, I’m convinced that Oman is the place to go. Oman is on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, hence will probably be quite warm in June, to say the least. Oman is another maybe, but definitely on my dream travel list.



I know, I know – Scotland isn’t exactly top of many people’s list but I felt like I had to add a UK destination. I have wanted to visit Scotland for such a long while, and came close to doing so Xmas 2016. I hope to go during the warmer weather in the summer for couple of days hopefully.


Let me know if any of these places appeal to you and let me know where else I should consider!

– A Y –


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