Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018! I can not believe how quickly 2017 flew, I feel like it was just yesterday that I started this page, but in fact I starting blogging in 2015. Last year I published a list of my Dream Destinations of 2017. They were Greece, Australia, Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Thailand and Oman. I was fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling in 2017. 2017 took me to Greece (Santorini), Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence and Bologna), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Malta, France (Paris) and to a few cities in England. Again this year, I am compiling a list of my dream destinations of 2018 and hope that I can travel to them all this year!


I shouldn’t really be allowed to add Ethiopia on this list as I recently visited in the summer of 2016. Never the less, Ethiopia has repeatedly topped bucket-list holiday guides and has been voted the go-to place for travel last year. I usually go to Harar, the city that my parents come from, however next time, I would love to travel within Ethiopia a bit more to discover other regions.


Bath, England

I have always said that I don’t travel enough within my own country, and when I have done, I always question why I don’t travel more. I have wanted to travel to Bath for a few years now, especially last year. Bath boasts an immense amount of history, known for its natural hot springs and Georgian architecture. The buildings and wealth of museums in Bath appeal to me. I hope to spend a bank holiday weekend in Bank some time in the Spring/Summer of this year.

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Lake District, England

Following on from my previous post and staying in the UK, The Lake District is another staycation destination for 2018. I have visited the Lake District twice before in a group with a set itinerary. I would love to visit again and plan the trip myself. The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the United Kingdom. It’s a mountainous region in the North-West of England, it’s also a National Park and there are many walking routes within the area. I would love to visit The Lake District on another Bank Holiday.

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A good friend of mine just returned from Iceland and her photos made me immensely jealous! She looked frozen 99% of the time, but otherwise Iceland looked like such a beautiful destination with lots of things to do. One of the beauties of Iceland is the visibility of the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are actually the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. It is visible between September and April, with the highest visibility between December and February.

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I have always heard such amazing things about Cuba, how authentic it is, how the people are so friendly and how the culture is magnificently preserved. Cuba is a is a Caribbean island nation. Until recently, it was prohibited for U.S. citizens to enter Cuba, making it a country with a political history. I love the music, food and culture and would love to make a trip to Cuba in 2018!

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That’s the end of my list of countries that I would absolutely love to visit in 2018. I have tried to be realistic in thinking of where I could possibility visit during my holidays this year. I am super excited to see where else 2018 takes me! Keep your eyes peeled for updates here.

Let me know where your 2018 dream destinations are!

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