I’d definitely say that the ‘Tripomatic’ app was extremely helpful in giving me suggestions of places that I hadn’t thought about. It can be accessed offline, giving both the location of the place, the cost and opening times. I’d highly recommend using this app to log upcoming trips and planning itineraries.

I’m going to continue sharing the details of my trip to NYC. Check out my previous Part 1 and 8 free things to do in NYC.

1/ The Halal Guys

This is by far the BEST street food I had in NYC – i’ll go as far as to say it was the BEST food I had in NYC overall. NYC is saturated with street trucks selling all sorts of food on the go. There are not many halal restaurants in NYC, however I’m now going to stay that Halal Guys is the best halal restaurant/ street food in NYC. They have about three things on their menu, of which they specialise in all of them AND there is ALWAYS a que of customers. Check out their website here (yes, they are popular enough to have an actual website, and are becoming an international brand, opening stores all over America and abroad!) For about $5/6 you just cannot go wrong.

2/ The Empire State Building

On the more pricier side of things, the Empire State building was an attraction that I felt obliged to climb and was quite excited to observe the NYC in all its glory. It couldn’t have been a clearer day to view NYC. When you first enter the building, you are led into a mini-cinema that plays a short NY Skyride movie with 3D/4D effects. The seats move, wind and some water droplets are blown into the audience, giving it a really cool realistic feel. It wasn’t over crowded on the viewing platform (possibly due to the fact it was off season). If you have money to spend, I’d definitely recommend a trip to the Empire State.

3/ Statue of Liberty

I didn’t realise that access to the Statue of Liberty island required pre-booking, and so when I tried booking there was no available for at least a week (by this time I would have returned home). My advice is to book in advance and even climb up Liberty to get panoramic views of NYC. If not, it’s always possible to do what I did and take the NYC Taxi which rides very close to the Statue, and stopping to allow you to take photos.

4/ NY Financial District

Wall Street is located at the Southern tip of Manhattan. I definitely found this area interesting to walk around in and explore the magnificent buildings full of bankers and traders. This area is also within a 5 min walk to the Battery Park and South Ferry.

 5/ Little Italy, NoHo, China Town

The above were some small regions of lower Manhattan that I enjoyed walking around and exploring. I also managed to see some typical NYC brownstone houses whilst on an outdoor platform waiting for the train. 

6/ Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn to Manhattan and can be crossed by foot or bike. From the bridge, there’s an amazing view of Manhattan city and walking across the bridge on an early morning is definitely something that should be experienced during a trip to NYC. It takes about 15 mins at a casual walking speed to cross the bridge.

  7/ Staten Island

Staten Island can be accessed by the free ferry service that runs to and from Manhattan every 30 mins. From Staten Island, I was able to see the islands of Manhattan and Brooklyn. There’s also a monument for the victims of 9/11 and a plaque that shows the side profile (and names) of those that lost their lives on this day.

 8/ Roosevelt Island Tramway

This aerial tramway connects the Upper East side of Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. I came across the existence of this tramway when scrolling through the NYC page on Tripomatic, and I’m definitely glad that I did come across it! We have a similar tramway in London, and so this kind of reminded me of home. I didn’t realise how residential Roosevelt Island was; there’s not really much to do (for a tourist) on the Island, but there are some nice views of the city… 

9/ Miscellaneous… 

Here are some more pictures from my trip; 99c pizza, Cinnabon, flagship Apple Store, 9/11 memorial waterfall…

All-in-all, I really enjoyed my trip to New York City and would definitely be returning to see more of Brooklyn and other areas that I did not get the chance to explore. It’s a city that I found exciting to explore and a good ice-breaker for my first time in the USA. 

Are there any other places in NYC that are particularly spectacular?

– A Y –

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