My good friend, Kyomi, introduced my to Packing Cubes through her amazing blog ‘Wading Wade‘. Her ‘meet the traveller’ series allow the reader to delve into the life of a traveller, and gain practical skills and tips. Kyomi interviewed me back in November – read here!

Packing Cubes

What are they?

Packing cubes are zippered fabric containers, usually in a rectangular shape, for organising your items and making them easier to find in your luggage. They come in a range of sizes and are often sold as sets.

How do they work?

Using packing organisers has many advantages:

Pack more efficiently – Each cube can be dedicated to a set of clothing, and it’s much easier to pack when you know what goes in each cube. Packing with cubes can help reduce disorganisation and sporadic additions of clothes.

Find things easily – Packing cubes can work like a drawer system. When away, you can take out the relevant cube rather than rummaging around at the bottom of your suitcase. Many packing cube brands have a mesh-like front cover, and so locating the correct cube is simple.

Save space – You can squeeze a surprising amount of clothes into a cube, so you can pack more. Compression bags are even better as they remove excess air.

Keep clothes clean and dry – Some organisers are water resistant and all offer protection from dirt. They can also be used to protect clothes in dusty hotel drawers.

Prevent overpacking – Limit what you pack by choosing an organiser for each category. Generally, one large cube is enough for all my clothes for a spring/summer getaway. I can then use the space around the cube to pack my shoes, and toiletries.

A personal review

I bought my packing cubes from Amazon – just under £20 for 6 cubes of different sizes. They were the highest reviewed cubes on Amazon, so I went for them.

I first selected all my clothes by outfits for each day (4 days in Malta). I then put all the tops in one cube, and bottoms in another. I managed to put 4 outfits into 2 small packing cubes, and one medium sized one – with ample space still remaining. I also took 3 pairs of shoes, PJs, toiletries, and a few other bits and bobs into my small carry-on suitcase, and it fit perfectly.

I felt like everything fit well, and I was able to locate my clothes much easier than I would normally. Usually, by the middle of my holiday, my clothes are all over the place and my suitcase looks like a hot mess. Surprisingly, my suitcase stayed fairly neat (as neat as a suitcase can be on holiday), and I was able to quickly pack again when returning.

Overall, I’d highly recommend them, and I can definitely see them becoming a travel staple of mine.

Have you had any experience with packing cubes? Would you recommend them to others?

 – A Y –

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