I had visited P.F.Chang’s upon recommendation by a friend. P.F.Chang’s offers freshly made Pan-Asian cuisine, launched in the UK mid 2017. I had heard so much about the reputation that P.F.Chang’s had in the US and Dubai, so simply HAD to give it a go. It is located near Leicester Square station, very central and ideal after the theatre or an afternoon out in London.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was buzzing and lively, especially at 10pm when we arrived. All tables were full of groups breaking their fast at Iftar time, ideal as the meat is all halal and relatively close to Goodge Street mosque for prayer time.

For starters, I ordered the infamous ‘ORIGINAL DYNAMITE SHRIMP’ – always imitated, never duplicated. Crispy tempura battered shrimp, spicy Sriracha aioli, spring onions. I absolutely LOVED this dish and was tempted to get another 5 portions (but held myself back). I loved the coating, the crispy shell and the large prawns. It finished too quickly! It seemed like every diner had ordered the dynamite shrimp, every 30 seconds another dynamite shrimp would come out.

For mains, I ordered the HONEY CHICKEN – Lightly battered chicken in a sweet and tangy honey sauce with spring onions over a bed of crispy rice sticks and noodles on the side. I really didn’t need the noodles, the crispy rice sticks were perfect for acting as a base and the honey sauce coated the chicken perfectly.

I really enjoyed P.F.Chang’s and would highly recommend it as a lunch or dinner option. Total bill came up to around £50 for two with a starter, main, sides and drinks – pretty reasonable! Can’t wait to go there again (just for the dynamite shrimp, mind).

– A Y –

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