I’ve never really adopted the ‘brunch’ culture that has taken the world of foodies by storm.  I’ve also never gone out for breakfast, the thought of waking up super early to then drag my feet onto public transport, hungry and malnourished, has yet to appeal to me.

UNTIL.. I heard about The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club is a set of 8 rustic-feeling restaurants in and around London (and Brighton). My sister had been to the London Bridge branch and couldn’t commend it more, and so I thought why not wake up at 7am to get some yummy breakfast before going to university at 10am. I decided to go to the Hoxton branch, close to Liverpool Street (10-15 min walk), as it would be less crowded in comparison to the Spitalfields branch. As expected, there were only 2/3 tables occupied at 8am on a Friday morning – I’ve heard that there are usually queues outside The Breakfast Club restaurants.

The inner decor was very beautiful with an old-fashioned rustic feel. The furniture did not match and there were random items dotted around the place, adding a unique touch to the dinning room. They were playing some old-school R&B which got me going at 8am – everyone loves to hear some Destiny’s Child and TLC unexpectedly.

I decided to get a tower of pancakes with berries, cream and syrup. I was surprised by the portion size and honestly LOVED the presentation and taste of this breakfast. The staff were also friendly and the atmosphere was bubbly (especially with Beyonce belting out bills-bills-bills). We were absolutely full to the brim after devouring spoon-full after spoon-full. I’m not a usual breakfast eater, so I contracted the -itis once I returned to university.


I think I’m now a converted breakfast/ brunch member and look forward to discovering new cute restaurants around London. I’d definitely recommend The Breakfast Club and I’ll definitely return for a yummy lunch.

Have you ever been to The Breakfast Club? Are there any other breakfast/brunch places in London that you would recommend?

– A Y –


  • I was hooked the second you said you’d never been to breakfast. I couldn’t imagine. Had to find out. Those pancakes! Boy, do I wish we had a Breakfast Club in San Francisco.

    Then I chuckled when you mentioned “old school R&B” in the same sentence with Destiny’s Child and TLC, because, well, I’m a lot older than that and “old school R&B” goes way further back! I’m thinking Chuck Berry, Etta James, BB King, even Ruth Brown.

    Nice post. Thanks for the colorful photos and the trip down memory lane.

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