Last weekend I decided to partake in a 10-mile walk on a glorious Saturday morning. The Chess Valley Walk is a 10 mile linear walk through the Chilterns following the River Chess from Rickmansworth to Chesham. It passes through the beautiful scenery of the Chess Valley and several attractive villages and at times gets close to the clear sparkling waters of the River Chess, one of the Chilterns’ famed chalk streams.

My friend came across this walk online and suggested starting from Rickmansworth and walking to Chesham. I’ve done many long walks within Greater London and the UK, especially this year, and so I wasn’t too worried about the length of the walk. We got to Rickmansworth at 10am via the Metropolitan Underground Line. I would highly recommend downloading the PDF map of the walk as a guide, as some points during the walk, there is no Internet Network and signage isn’t great.

We had planned to pack lunch from home as we didn’t know if there would be somewhere to grab some food. Luckily, we did so as we didn’t even pass a single shop/pub along our walk. We sat on the grass at about 1pm and half way through the walk, and enjoyed lunch with a beautiful view of the river. We continued to walk for another 3 hours towards Chesham. After a total of 6 hours, we reached Chesham town centre and station located conveniently within the town centre.

One thing that I noticed was the attitude of people that we passed during the walk. Coming from London, somewhere where no-one makes eye contact; here, everyone that passed us gave us a greeting and we quickly acclimatised to it!

The scenery of this walk was absolutely beautiful, and the lack of Internet connection was a welcome comfort to me. I was able to disconnect from the world and breathe unpolluted natural air. For anyone interested, I’d highly recommend taking lunch with you and keeping hydrated throughout the walk. Overall, the walk wasn’t too strenuous but by the end of it, you may need a LONG hot bath and a cup’o’tea.

Are there any other walks that you would recommend within the UK?

– A Y –

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