Brunching should be a new national sport, or maybe it’s just a London thing? Gone are the days of celebrating a birthday or graduation over dinner, instead us millennials are opting for the late morning, early afternoon amalgamation of breakfast and lunch – brunch. Brunch isn’t eaten at 8am, nor is it eaten at 4pm; it is more of a 11-1pm meal (although I have seen some restaurants with a brunch menu up to 4pm – shame on you).

I must admit, I have entertained a fair number of brunch invites, and although sceptical at first, I now prefer to eat out for brunch over any other meal. London is particularly blessed in the brunch department, boasting a diverse number of resturants serving brunch some with bottomless beverages.

Here I present my top 7 brunch spots that I hope tickle your taste buds by the end of this article! Happy brunching 🙂 

1 : Clerkenwell Grind

I visited Clerkenwell Grind (Barbican) a few months ago to celebrate a birthday with a friend. As soon as I stepped into the restaurant I fell in love with the decor; the pastel pink chairs and rose gold detailing added a warmth to the buzzing late morning atmosphere. The restaurant is set in an old warehouse building, which is apparent from the outside. The French banana toast and buttermilk pancakes are to die for. By the end of the meal I felt full but not unhealthily stuffed! There is also a wealthy choice of vegetarian options, making it great for non-meat/vegan diets. Highly recommend Grind for a cosy weekend brunch with some friends or maybe even for a date!

2 : Dishoom

For anyone familiar with London, Dishoom is a unique restaurant that oozes elegance and fine dining. Dishoom is a restaurant that pays homage to the Irani cafes that were part of life in Bombay in the 19th Century. Old Irani cafes of Bombay have almost disappeared (only less than 30 left in Bombay). I have visited Dishoom many-a-time for dinner and have been blown away by the ‘homey’ taste of the food. It really does feel like each bite was made with love.

Not to mention the rustic feel of the restaurants, Dishoom is one of my favourites. On a recent visit to Dishoom we were given some chai to help warm up whilst waiting in the queue. That reminds me, there will ALWAYS be a queue for Dishoom, it doesn’t matter what time you go, there is always a queue – be prepared. I’d highly recommend Dishoom for a celebratory meal with your significant other.

3 : Palm Vaults

I was introduced to Palm Vaults earlier this year by a blogger friend, she promised I would be amazed by the interior and by the food, and boy was she not lying. I felt as though I had walked into a room of candy floss. Everything was pastel pink, an Instagram-lover dream. I ordered a pomegranate cake with orange juice and it was delicious and so light! I’ve wanted to go back ever since, but just have not had the time. I would highly recommend a visit to Palm Vaults for a tea or coffee after lunch with a friend, or even alone.

4 : The Breakfast Club

I have raved about The Breakfast Club for so long, even I’m bored of hearing my own voice! I have also written a piece on it before, so check it out here. Highly recommend the buttermilk pancakes with an English Breakfast tea – yum! There are so many locations within London, you just can’t go wrong really.

5 : Christopher’s

Some time last year I saw a photo on Instagram of someone brunching at Christopher’s and immediately booked a table for brunch with a friend. The dining room feels somewhat like a banqueting room, with the high ceilings, expansive windows and bespoke furniture. Located in Covent Garden, Christopher’s serves state-side dishes, my personal favourite being their Chocolate French Toast. You can even ‘build your own pancake’ – something I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet! Highly recommend brunch here for a special date or celebration.

6 : The Riding House Cafe

The Riding House Cafe is another Instagram discovery, and a recommendation from a brunch-loving friend. I ended up choosing the Fitzrovia location as I am fond of the restaurants in the area. I found it amazing that brunch lasted till 4pm – just encouraging laziness if you ask me! The Riding House Cafe has a number of delicious brunch dishes including mac & cheese small plate and buttermilk pancakes (anyone detected a theme yet)? I would recommend the Riding House Cafe for a casual weekend brunch, or even midweek brunch.

7 : The Wolseley

This is a cheeky one as I haven’t had brunch here but I have had afternoon tea and loved it so thought to add it in as one on a wish list. The Wolseley is a European style cafe-restaurant in Mayfair. I came across The Wolseley when searching for the best afternoon tea locations in London.

The full English looks particularly appetising, and for those who are vegetarian, the meat can be swapped for smoked salmon or vegetables. The area is also beautiful, and a day out could be accompanied to a visit to the wonderful Saatchi gallery after the meal. As I mentioned, although I haven’t been to the Wolseley for breakfast, I can imagine it would be a nice location for breakfast/lunch for a very special occasion with a loved one.

I hope you have managed to reach the end of the article without eating your screen, I barely made it beyond number 3! I’d love to hear any other London recommendations similar to the ones listed above. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

– A Y –


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